Strength ●●
Dexterity ●●●●
Stamina ●●●
Charisma ●●●
Manipulation ●●●●
Appearance ●●●●
Perception ●●
Intelligence ●●
Wits ●●●

Athletics C ●●●
Awarenes C ●
Brawl F ●
Dodge F ●●●●
Larceny C ●●●
Linguistics ●
Medicine F ●●●●
Mar. Arts F ●
Perform. F ●●●●
Presence ●
Socialize C/S ●●●●
Stealth C ●●●
Survival ●
Thrown F ●●●

Martial Arts Styles
Style Rating
Pearl Courtesan ●●●●

Perform (Dance)
Medicine (Poisons)
Socialize (Slave-Traders)
Socialize (Prostitutes/Courtesans)

●●● Danger Sense
●●●● Martial Artist
●● Resources (Dancing)
● Quick Draw
●●● Toxin Resistance
● Language (High Realm)
●●● Familiar (Rajah)

Athletics Lightning Speed
Graceful Crane Stance
Feather Foot Style
Spider Foot Style

Dodge Reed in the Wind

Medicine Wound-Mending Care Technique
Wound-Cleansing Meditation
Flawless Diagnosis Technique

Pearl Courtesan
Demure Carp Feint
Elegant Weapon Repertoire
Pearlescent Filigree Defense

Perform Masterful Performance Exercise
Graceful Reed Dancing
Thousand Courtesan Ways

Stealth Perfect Shadow Stillness
Invisible Statue Spirit
Blinding Battle Feint

Thrown Precision of the Striking Raptor
Steel Storm Descending


PreCircle Jargen
Kanna was born to a family of low status in a small village just outside of Great Forks called Stoneybrooke, her siblings almost ten years her senior due to the fact that her parents just simply wished to keep their house full with children as to not suffer from empty nest syndrome. Kanna strived for her parents’ attention, though try as she might she never received it, by teaching herself how to dance and perform on the streets of her small one horse town. However, when she was about nine, her parents tried to come up with enough of a dowry for her older sibling and they could not pay it. Therefore, Kanna was sold to a dragon-blooded naval captain’s son, Peleps Prasert. Kanna felt honored at first since her mother painted her face with as much make up as she could scrounge up for small Kanna. However, when Kanna realized not only that Peleps was a slaver but also trafficked many of his slaves into whore houses and sweat shops, Kanna quickly learned to hate not only her parents but Peleps as well. This proved to be fueled also by the fact that Peleps took a liking to sweet, innocent Kanna and she became his own personal ‘pet’. She would please him with her dances as well as her body in multiple “family gatherings” as well as in his private chambers. It wasn’t until she was a proper woman that she finally gathered the courage to fight back against the dastard. In secret, Kanna studied medicine and poison making so then she could feel confident in taking down the slaver. Finally, she challenged him to a fight and won, her Exalted powers activating just before she uttered to her captor and abuser “you shall not degrade another child as you did me”. Peleps then fell dead and Kanna was filled with confusion as to why she was Exalted. No one now has any idea where the courtesan of Peleps of house Cynis went or how the poor man died but now Kanna roams the streets, performing for money and occasionally falling back onto sexual pleasures as her only bittersweet reminder that Peleps still had some sort of hold on her, even in death.


I feel alive when I dance Defining
I do not wish to be bound Defining
I fear being abandoned again Major
Scratch my back, I scratch yours Minor
Vincent (This boy knows nothing of darkness.) Major
Akantha (I suppose she’s nice… I’ll keep her around.) Major
Li (He’s okay, I suppose. He can do good for me.) Major
Eramis (I want information… In any way I can get it…) Minor
Broken Glass Pathways (Friendship?) Minor

Limit Trigger
The knowledge of feeling helplessness
(If Kanna feels that she can do nothing in a situation/is bound so she can physically do nothing)


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