Unto Dawn

Wyld Secrets


Last time, the team followed Jaken back towards the cold storage where they initially found him. Once inside, he locked Himitsu and Nicolette in with him, as he revealed that he was actually a Fair Folk who slew the family, pretending to be their nephew and that he had overcome the Monster Slayer. Akantha and Vincent bounded down to their rescue, where they struck down the Fair Folk. Once done, they took the girl to inn, in an attempt to treat her wounds, which seemed severe – one arm entirely withered away, among other grave injuries on her body.
Meanwhile, Lalam took interest in the nature and presence of the Neomah that Himitsu had summoned. He questioned it, as the others fought, before being ushered out by Himitsu, as she had work for the demon.
Vincent offered for Nicolette to continue to travel with himself and Akantha, to Akantha’s chagrin.
Lalam decided that he was going to tell Vincent, Nicolette and Akantha about the rumor of a new Solar on the Haltan border.



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