Unto Dawn

Hunting for Prey


The circle were ambushed in the night by two monks of the Immaculate Faith and an Air-Aspected Dynast of the Wyld Hunt after recognizing Kanna. In the ambush, Kanna and Vincent both revealed themselves as Solars, as Vincent dealt with the Dragonblooded, and Li sorted out the two monks with the aid of Akantha.
Nicolette tried to convince the monk to give up their hunt in the aftermath, but it was clear that she had no intention of stopping at the request of the Anathema.
With the circle at risk of revealing themselves, Nicolette gave the Dragonblood and his two monks a proper, Solar, purification, by the light of the Unconquered Sun, before Vincent and Kanna got ready to flee the village, in order to avoid detection and bring greater consequence to the small village of Foxpond.



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