Unto Dawn

Flakes of Gold


As the circle began to form, the group set about informing the village elder about the resolution of the monster, and the current status of the Slayer who had faced it, despite her desire for compensation.
Whilst they did this, Nicolette prepared for travel to the north. Lalam informed them about the rumors of the Solar in the village of Foxpond.
Nicolette, Akantha, and Vincent all set out on horseback, whilst Lalam decided to walk his way to the location, once they ensured they had a proper map and the location was noted.
Foxpond turned out to be a strange location with talking animals among the village’s inhabitants as though nothing were strange. Upon arrival, Nicolette set about dressing up Vincent and Akantha in ‘more appropriate’ clothing, and began searching for information regarding the Solar. In her search and the whisperings from the creatures of the village, it turned out the Solar was in fact a young girl, who seems to have opened a vault, or tomb of some sort – leading to the belief that she had taken the Second Breath.



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