Unto Dawn

Bringing the Circle Together


Last time on Unto Dawn, the Circle met with a strange Monster Hunter who demanded payment to help the village in exchange for her service. Vincent, unable to abide such a blatant extortion of the village, decided to volunteer his own services in the village’s aid. Reluctantly, Akantha agreed, seeing that Vincent wasn’t about to back down.
Lalam, in an attempt to gain reagents, decided that he too would help in the investigation.
Himitsu, intrigued by the group volunteering, decided to do her own investigation.
Nicolette attempted to bargain with the Hunter’s services before Vincent decided to do it for free.
Vincent, Akantha and Himitsu found a young man by the name of Jaken hidden in a cold storage, while Lalam learnt that the wounds were made with a weapon, and not the claws of a monster.
Himitsu, deciding she had better ideas of the use of the survivor, began summoning a Neomah outside of the village, in order to begin such a ritual, before it was interrupted by the arrival of Nicolette and Lalam, followed closely by Vincent and Akantha, and then shortly thereafter by Jaken himself, at Himitsu’s behest.



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