Unto Dawn

Unto Dawn: Year Two
A recap of the updated storyline.

The circle gathers at the first village, because of rumors of a Solar Exaltation occurring there – they find, however, that the village is in dire straights after a streak of murders have begun happening, and that several people in the village have become victims of lethargy, or generally have started to become forgetful. Whenever it seemed to get really bad, that person would show up dead – murdered. The villagers assumed that someone in the village was doing it, but didn’t want to turn to the girl, because she was so young.

As a result, they hired Alabaster Ghost. Ghost, however, isn’t entirely sure what seems to be the problem, and as she’s spent a lot of time trying to solve the mystery, and no new murders have occurred since she showed up, the circle arrives to roughly the same scene. She’s negotiating for more money – she can’t afford to stay in the village forever, and hope that another murder happens.

Circle offers their services, to investigate the murders. Alabaster Ghost seems to bail, but quietly sticks around, wanting to see if they, perhaps, are the culprits. It’s too weirdly coincidental for her liking.

So, circle does their investigation as-it-was, and on the first night, there’s another murder – the big one. They do their investigating, and find that it wasn’t anything human that attacked the family, and in asking about, they learn about the nephew, all the same. They talk with him a bunch, and figure him for a scared boy. That night, however, Alabaster Ghost tries to learn the truth, and hunts down the nephew. She ends up with more than she bargained for, and ends up losing her arm and the fight.

The circle hears the commotion and finds her, alone, in the woods. Several members take her back to the inn, and set about tending to her wounds as best they can on a girl who apparently shouldn’t even be alive, whilst the others hunt down the trail of the creature that attacked Ghost. They find Jaken, who has given up his shape for the furry, fair folk he is, and strikes back with several hobgoblins.

Emerging victorious, the circle regroups and takes a well-earned rest; by the morning, Ghost is gone, leaving only her bloody bandages behind. Confused, but undeterred, the group quietly go about their business as the Wyld Hunt shows up looking for the girl, (and subsequently, Kanna). They meet with her and realize she’s not a Solar, but find the Solar Tomb all the same. This is a pretty solid place to put any artifacts that people want to purchase. The intent was that at least 3+ members of the circle were all part of the original circle entombed there.

We’re going to substitute Kanna for Nicolette – making her more active in preventing the Wyld Hunt from capturing the girl, and keeping with the theme, rather than fighting in the inn, this is where the fight goes down. Kanna succeeds in talking down the Dragonblooded and his Immaculates, only to find that they recognize her description. People deal with this shit, resulting in the three dead Immaculates and one dead Air Aspect.

They decide once they’re done with the tomb, that no DBs showing back up for a few days is going to be a bad sign, so they decide that it’s in their best interest to get out before anyone notices the problem. They learn about the girl’s thaumaturgy, solve their Tomb issues, and then leave.

How they find Aeria is also fairly significantly changed. They mostly move from village to village, avoiding the Wyld Hunt as they get closer and closer to the Linowan borders. As they do, they find that during the night, one of the villages is assaulted by Screamers during the night; they do the usual pillaging, but engage in kidnapping as well, which is extremely not like Linowa.

Fending off a few of them, they note that they’re weirdly adorned, rather than with animal furs and pelts, they weave their armor of vines and thorny wooden plates, and that their spears are poisoned with knock-out drugs. So using Raja and Jasmine, they decide to track down the Linowa who have stolen people from the village. For our more material members, there’s a reward offered to help them on their travels – food, supplies, jade and silver.

They come across a camp a few nights in, where they find an old campfire, and some discarded cooked meats, as well as bones. Kanna, our medical professional, identifies the bones as human, and it doesn’t take much to gather that the odd meats that were left behind were from their kidnapped victims, and that these Linowa are engaging in cannibalism.
Linowa engaging in cannibalism. Normal people would leave this shit alone at this point, and let the psycho natives eat people, but no. You’re exalted. You have to do dumb things. So, off the circle goes, continuing to track the camps back to the village itself. It’s here that the Circle gets the first glimpse of Aeria, though it isn’t clear that who she is, or what she looks like, as she’s the one leading the congregation.

The circle attempts to mount a rescue for the remaining kidnapped, going in under the cover of darkness to free them. This is where the find Aeria, who apparently tending to the victims. Several of victims have had their tongues cut out, or were blinded, others are gagged, and unable to speak, as the circle gets them out, they decide to take Aeria with them, as she looks like a mostly harmless person. It’s of course, at Vincent’s behest, while Val objects – she’s Linowan and part of the village.

We keep the core of the argument the same – Vincent defends Aeria, while Val fears what she is. It heads off when Aeria attempts to attack Val instead. From there, the fight is largely the same; the early smackdown is laid down upon Aeria, who activates her Shintai, and escapes into the Graveswood in the North.

Bringing us to the end of the first year of the circle.

Recap Episode
SESSION 8 ~ Present

Heading deep into Halta, the circle found themselves hiding from the Fair Folk who thrived on the forest floor. Whilst they moved, avoiding the fae hunters, a young haltan girl found them – chastising them on their foolishness. After some discussion, the circle convinced the girl that they were in Halta to find a Lunar Witch by the name of Twice-Born Thrush.

Leading them to her hut, the circle set about making her their ally. The lunar woman looked upon them with curiousity; the circle, having brought her bondmate, appeared to have an extra bargaining chip. Thrush made her best attempt at making Li uncomfortable, whilst Nicolette explained that she needed her help with her manse.

Agreeing, Thrush decided on an exchange: she would become their ally if they could slay the Black Exaltation in the Eastern Threshold that was attacking Linowan villages. With their agreement, Thrush also provided them with information that another Solar might be present nearby, and that they should seek her help.

The circle, determined to fulfill this goal, and gain Thrush’s aid, set out to find the Exigent and the Solar. Their first signs came at the river-crossing back into the Hundred Kingdoms, where a great land bridge of spiky vines and flora had formed. It was here that they found their next circle member, Valmela Indega, who Vincent quickly made the mistake of showing his caste mark off to – assuming she was the correct person without verifying so first. Valmela, taken aback, accepted the help for the search of the Exigent with a bit of disdain, but chose to take her own path.

Vincent decided to follow along with Valmela to a ruined Linowan village, where they found what little remained of the people who lived there. The village was ruined, and most of the people consumed by the beast. Only a single soul survived, a young girl who Vincent proceeded to aid, providing her with food to fill her voracious appetite. Valmela distrusted the girl, but Vincent thought nothing of it, as they set about burning the bodies remaining in the village. Afterwards, Vincent offered to take the girl, Aeria, back to a nearby Linowan village. The girl agreed, while Valmela stayed, looking for any sign that the monster was still nearby.

Meanwhile, the rest of the circle were led to a small Linowan village by Akantha, seeking to investigate the Exigent. Instead, however, they found themselves meeting with someone that Li knew. Unfortunately for the circle, most of the encounter is foggy, and hard to remember – the only real fruit borne from the conversation being that the Linowa in the village were currently divided between their chieftains and the shaman, who had begun engaging in feasts in the name of a new god.

With some investigation, the circle uncovered the worship was the beginnings of a Yozi cult, dedicated to worshipping Metagaos, the All-Hunger Blossom; a being fixated on consuming all within his expansive reach.

As Vincent raced towards the village, Valmela caught the scent of the beast – recognizing it as the same scent of Aeria, and began to curse Vincent, chasing after him in order to prevent him from dying. When she caught up, she found herself in a stand-off with Vincent, who refused to believe that an innocent girl could be a village destroying monster. Morrigan flew on ahead, in an attempt to find Nicolette and the others.

Akantha and Nicolette came to the aid of Vincent as Valemla attempted to shoot through Vincent to get to Aeria, to no avail. It was then that Morrigan confirmed that Aeria was, in fact, tainted with the putrid essense of the Yozi, a servant to Metagaos. Caught in her lie, Aeria attempted to consume Morrigan, but found herself in the midst of a melee she could not win. Rather than fight, she decided to run, and when she couldn’t break free, decided to reveal her true shape.

The massive beast that made up Aeria’s Shintai made it hard to focus on chasing her – the lashing vines and enormous thorns took their toll on those who chased her, until Vincent and Akantha eventually gave up, not willing to risk their lives in a futile chase. Exhausted from the fight, Vincent collapsed, and Akantha took him back to the village, where one of the chieftains made the shaman treat the solars.

Nicolette, however, decided to go north, in an attempt to learn more about the Exigent. Instead, she found a village of Linowan and Realm soldiers who had fought against the Bull of the North; the crushed troops were still attempting to treat their wounded here, and in her search for information, she was instead faced with a new mysterious Lunar – who rather than aiding her, offered her a riddle as a warning.

Following her strange meeting with the Lunar, Thrush, who had been keeping tabs on the circle, decided to reveal herself to Nicolette, warning her against heading further north without allies or properly preparing. Instead, the circle regrouped, and a few days later, met up with Thrush again, who asked about the manse. Learning about its location and nature, she decided that the circle should head there first – learn about what is there, and how to use it to their advantage, rather than rushing headlong into the North, where a Deathlord and his Deathknights lurked.

Hunting for Prey

The circle were ambushed in the night by two monks of the Immaculate Faith and an Air-Aspected Dynast of the Wyld Hunt after recognizing Kanna. In the ambush, Kanna and Vincent both revealed themselves as Solars, as Vincent dealt with the Dragonblooded, and Li sorted out the two monks with the aid of Akantha.
Nicolette tried to convince the monk to give up their hunt in the aftermath, but it was clear that she had no intention of stopping at the request of the Anathema.
With the circle at risk of revealing themselves, Nicolette gave the Dragonblood and his two monks a proper, Solar, purification, by the light of the Unconquered Sun, before Vincent and Kanna got ready to flee the village, in order to avoid detection and bring greater consequence to the small village of Foxpond.

Licking Wounds and Gathering Intelligence

Nicolette hunted out the nature of the other Solars in her slowly-forming circle, as Lalam rested up from his poisoned wounds.
Vincent hunted for work, as he dealt with Akantha’s self-preserving nature.

The circle began to look for information on where to go next, and learned of a Wyld Hunt forming to the east, and a Lunar shaman deeper into the Haltan forests.
Meanwhile, fleeing from the Wyld Hunt, Kanna met with Nicolette, who noticed that the Dragonblooded were trailing her.
Akantha and Vincent decided to bake a cake, while Lalam recovered.
The team decided to share a moment, before settling on heading north to meet with the Lunar witch, Twice-Born Thrush.

What Lay Underneath

Finding the girl who was supposedly a Solar exalted, the circle had her and her mother take them to the Ruins she had managed to open. Left open, the group delved down into the tomb, finding that it was the resting place of several Solars.
As they explored, Nicolette heard the sounds of rumbling from above and a scream. She bolted up the stairs and managed to slip out of the doors before they shut in order to save the girl and her mother.
There, she managed to talk down the Wyld Hunt and devised the secret of how the tomb was opened. Afterwards, Akantha decided to engage in some grave robbing, whilst Vincent decided he wanted to explore his own power with Nicolette’s aid.

Flakes of Gold

As the circle began to form, the group set about informing the village elder about the resolution of the monster, and the current status of the Slayer who had faced it, despite her desire for compensation.
Whilst they did this, Nicolette prepared for travel to the north. Lalam informed them about the rumors of the Solar in the village of Foxpond.
Nicolette, Akantha, and Vincent all set out on horseback, whilst Lalam decided to walk his way to the location, once they ensured they had a proper map and the location was noted.
Foxpond turned out to be a strange location with talking animals among the village’s inhabitants as though nothing were strange. Upon arrival, Nicolette set about dressing up Vincent and Akantha in ‘more appropriate’ clothing, and began searching for information regarding the Solar. In her search and the whisperings from the creatures of the village, it turned out the Solar was in fact a young girl, who seems to have opened a vault, or tomb of some sort – leading to the belief that she had taken the Second Breath.

Wyld Secrets

Last time, the team followed Jaken back towards the cold storage where they initially found him. Once inside, he locked Himitsu and Nicolette in with him, as he revealed that he was actually a Fair Folk who slew the family, pretending to be their nephew and that he had overcome the Monster Slayer. Akantha and Vincent bounded down to their rescue, where they struck down the Fair Folk. Once done, they took the girl to inn, in an attempt to treat her wounds, which seemed severe – one arm entirely withered away, among other grave injuries on her body.
Meanwhile, Lalam took interest in the nature and presence of the Neomah that Himitsu had summoned. He questioned it, as the others fought, before being ushered out by Himitsu, as she had work for the demon.
Vincent offered for Nicolette to continue to travel with himself and Akantha, to Akantha’s chagrin.
Lalam decided that he was going to tell Vincent, Nicolette and Akantha about the rumor of a new Solar on the Haltan border.

Bringing the Circle Together

Last time on Unto Dawn, the Circle met with a strange Monster Hunter who demanded payment to help the village in exchange for her service. Vincent, unable to abide such a blatant extortion of the village, decided to volunteer his own services in the village’s aid. Reluctantly, Akantha agreed, seeing that Vincent wasn’t about to back down.
Lalam, in an attempt to gain reagents, decided that he too would help in the investigation.
Himitsu, intrigued by the group volunteering, decided to do her own investigation.
Nicolette attempted to bargain with the Hunter’s services before Vincent decided to do it for free.
Vincent, Akantha and Himitsu found a young man by the name of Jaken hidden in a cold storage, while Lalam learnt that the wounds were made with a weapon, and not the claws of a monster.
Himitsu, deciding she had better ideas of the use of the survivor, began summoning a Neomah outside of the village, in order to begin such a ritual, before it was interrupted by the arrival of Nicolette and Lalam, followed closely by Vincent and Akantha, and then shortly thereafter by Jaken himself, at Himitsu’s behest.


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